We thought this month might be a good time to remind everyone of how and why AustinUP continues its work on behalf of Austin’s older population. While this issue refers to us being Mission-Driven, we consider our Vision, Mission, and Strategy as the drivers that help us reach our destination, and the events and initiatives detailed in this email as important stops on that journey’s roadmap.

VISION: AustinUP’s vision is to create a region that responds to aging as a dynamic rather than a stagnant force. We are all aging, all the time – and we want to make Central Texas a place that supports each of us, at every age.

MISSION: We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community alliance committed to making Central Texas a place where older adults live full, engaged lives. We work to prioritize the unmet needs of the Central Texas aging population, tap the assets of older adults to improve our community, and embrace innovation and creativity in the pursuit of an age-friendly culture.

STRATEGY: AustinUP is working with local and regional business and civic leaders, entrepreneurs, non-profit service organizations, older adults and caregivers to raise the profile of our senior population and prepare our community for the future of aging.