Making Tech Work for You!

Central Texas continues to attract older adults in increasing numbers, yet it is a struggle for policy priorities, funding, and opportunities for older adults to keep up with the demand. Recognizing that older adults are an invaluable community resource, Central Texas should be a place that supports each of us at every age.

In May 2022, AustinUP presented Age My Way, an event that focused on community progress through the Age-Friendly Austin plan, and was designed to gain valuable feedback from our older community members.  Interactive breakout sessions covered important topics, and we recently completed a series of webinars that helped explain the issues and share what was learned.

Most recently, we brought together community leaders to address the topic, Technology Should Be Fun: Making tech work for you. AustinUP Board President Cyndi Cummings asked input from panelists Sylvain Lacasse of AGE of Central Texas, Adam Stern of Austin Public Library, Amy Temperley of Aging is Cool, and Rachel Wimberley of Shalom Austin. We found this session very insightful and are therefore sharing it in case you couldn’t join us. We hope you’ll watch and learn and take advantage of the many technology resources made available to older adults in Austin!