Startups After 50

Startups After 50


Note: Startups After 50 was originally scheduled to take place during SXSW . We are grateful to our speakers for their willingness to repurpose their presentation on Zoom.

In their new book, Next For Me: A Guide to Startups for Dreamers, Silicon Valley veterans Carole McManus and Jeff Tidwell deliver a philosophical and wide-eyed set of exercises for startup entrepreneurs to see their young companies in a more expansive light. The book is filled with useful survival techniques for hacking through, and having the endurance to stay standing. The authors are co-founders of Next For Me, a producer of news and events covering career moves and what’s next. They will present key topics outlined in their book specifically as they relate to older entrepreneurs.


Carole McManus is co-founder and Editor in Chief at Next For Me. She is a marketing and social media strategist with a history of building some of the most successful online communities on the Web, including Yahoo! and BabyCenter. Her former clients include Frito-Lay, Del Monte, Johnson & Johnson, E*TRADE,,, and She’s Director of Digital Marketing for CatCon and on the Board of Directors of the WELL, which Wiredmagazine called “the world’s most influential online community.”

Jeff Tidwell co-founded Next For Me to help people take career transitions in their stride. He began his career with alternative newspapers and then moved online where he has worked in Silicon Valley and New York overseeing online communities and user experience for E*TRADE, WebMD,, MarketTools, Chirp Interactive and many startups. He has been a featured speaker at TechInclusion, Boomer Business Summit and is the author of Forbes’ Chronicles of a 50+ Entrepreneur, and the co-author of Next For Me: A Guide to Startups for Dreamers.

Date: May 14, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 2 - 3 p.m.
Location: Virtual meeting on Zoom