Age Circus: Find Your Balance, Learn New Tricks

Age Circus: Find Your Balance, Learn New Tricks


We have heard from many older adults that they’d like to do something different with their lives or careers in their later years. But what?

You’re not dead after 55 but most of society tells us we’re just that. So now more than ever it’s time to run away to the circus. The Age Circus. During this special online event, you’ll learn the high wire act to create better later years and discover What’s Best About You Never Ages™. Tuck Kamin is our Ringmaster.

Design Your Age™ is Tuck’s brainchild, where he helps individuals rebrand their lives. This event will be fun, entertaining – expect some WOWs!

Age Circus will invite you to…

  • See new feats of hidden strengths in your own life
  • Revive and repurpose
  • Find your own center stage again before you create that résumé
  • Re-envision new opportunities before you

Tuck Kamin is an award-winning branding strategist who has helped companies like Whole Foods, Southwest Airlines, Sony Entertainment, Mattel and Colgate Palmolive. He also works with age scientists, social scientists, gero-scientists and others to rebrand aging. Tuck, an “age instigator,” is author of the book, Design Your Age. He currently is working on (and will give us a preview of) his next book, Killing Father Time and the Rise of the New Older.

Date: May 21, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 2 - 3 p.m.
Location: Virtual meeting on Zoom