Aging Masterfully: Living, dying, and leaving a legacy

Aging Masterfully: Living, dying, and leaving a legacy


Austin has one of the nation’s fastest growing populations of older adults. AustinUP and Austin Public Library have partnered to present this in-person seminar series featuring professionals who will guide attendees through the issues and solutions to help prepare our community for the future of aging. 

The Seminar topic for November 15 will be “Living, dying, and leaving a legacy.”

As far as we know, no one secretly wishes they could spend their last breath in a cold, noisy, impersonal hospital room. Most people say that given the option, they prefer to die at home amongst family and close friends. Despite this wish, however, few take time to plan or organize this major life course event. Make the commitment to bring a loved one or friend and attend this 90-minute panel event featuring expert panelists who will share the most important things you need to know about living, dying, and leaving a legacy on your terms. This could quite possibly be one of the most important seminars of the year.

Time: 10:30 AM-12 noon
Location: Old Quarry Branch of the Austin Public Library, 7051 Village Center Dr, Austin, TX 78731
Admission: Free, but advance registration appreciated


About Our Speakers

Garrick Colwell has been a Hospice Volunteer since 1987, serving as an on-call hospital and hospice chaplain. He is a Respecting Choices® Person-Centered Care First Steps® Advance Care Planning Certified Instructor and Facilitator. As a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Garrick co-created with Hospice Austin Conversations On Grief, a monthly online grief support program. He is a Certified Grief Educator by David Kessler at Garrick holds a Death and Grief Studies Certification from the Center for Loss and Life Transition under the direction of Alan D Wolfelt, Ph.D.

Garrick is the Co-creator of Kitchen Table Conversations, a nonprofit providing education and resources that empower people to have conversations about End of Life and Advance Care Planning and Grief Education.

Garrick is a widower. During his late wife, Kinsloe’s, four and half year illness, Garrick was her patient advocate, full-time caregiver, and end of life companion. He recently lost his dad, Bob. Garrick can be reached at (512) 787-3402 or [email protected].

Kristi Curry is the founder and chief planner at Survivorship Now. For over 20 years, she has been working with clients to build detailed plans for their families in the event of death or illness. Fifteen years ago, she added executor assistance to her services to help families who have been left a mess after losing a loved one.

Throughout these years, she has worked with estate attorneys, CPAs, bookkeepers, and families to solve problems before and after they happen. She believes that traditional estate planning often falls short because the process on the client side does not provide the education and tools to understand and manage their estate plan. She started Survivorship Now to be a trusted resource for people who value their legacy and want to minimize burdens for their families.

Her friends think she has the worst business in the world because she deals with death, illness, finances, taxes, and lots of paperwork. She loves this business because death is the most impactful event in our lives. She loves taking such a worrisome task and guiding her clients through it to make it be what it should be – a gift for families and friends.

Kristi currently lives in Kerrville with her two dogs, Mr. Huckles and Ms. Bird, and keeps busy with her business, volunteer work and writing.

Please register for each seminar topic separately.

  • August 16: Aging in place and preparing for emergencies
  • September 20: Having it your way, even when you can’t speak for yourself
  • October 18: Tips on communicating with your adult children
  • November 15: Living, dying, and leaving a legacy
Location: Old Quarry Branch, Austin Public Library
Date: November 15, 2022
Duration: 1 Day
Time:: 10:30 AM-12 noon