Whitney Power Joins AustinUP Board of Directors

We are happy to report that Whitney Power has joined the AustinUP Board of Directors, effective August 2017. Whitney works with Seton Innovation and Virtual Care, where she helps connect Austinites to health care they need by deploying new technology solutions and programs.

Whitney has managed senior-focused health technology and remote care coordination programs, organized technology trade shows, and spoke at last year’s SXSW EDU conference about the use of affordable education technologies for educators who want to frame lessons as entertaining marketing campaigns. She is a designated Trendwatching.com consumer “Trend Watcher,” presenting on worldwide consumer trends to health executives and continuing education audiences. Whitney was formerly an Aging2.0 Austin organizer, and is an active supporter of health tech startups and companies dedicated to improving the lives of older adults. She also is a Drive a Senior volunteer.

Whitney believes innovative products, services and companies can intentionally market their solutions so people from different generations unite and integrate more regularly, resulting in improved lives for older adults, for Austin families and for our community at large. When Whitney is not working or volunteering, she spends time with her (Boomer) parents, (Millennial) sister, husband, two (Gen Z’er) little boys and niece.