So, Is It My Age?

So, Is It My Age?

Many older job seekers are concerned about ageism and its effect on their job search. However, discrimination based on age may not be the issue at all. This presentation will help you address potential employer concerns up front, embrace who you are and translate your assets to value in the workplace. We’ll include an extended Q&A – come prepared to learn and strategize.
Our speaker will provide answers to these questions AND any questions you may have:
  • Do I have to change my résumé to hide or mask the length of my career?
  • What can I say in a résumé/cover letter to convey both experience and willingness to learn/adapt to a new work environment?
  • The job application asks for my previous salary. If the new position pays less than this amount, am I automatically disqualified? How should I navigate the salary issue during the interview?
  • What is the best response when an employer says this during the interview: “We don’t normally hire people with your level of experience for this position.”
  • What am I communicating (verbally or nonverbally) during the job interview that may be working against me?

About the Speaker:

Gary O’Neal, founder and CEO of HireFactors, is a recruiting and hiring consultant. He has trained and led high-performance recruiting teams that have made well over 10,000 hires. He has seen the inside story of how recruiting and hiring happens inside over 300 companies from Fortune 100 companies to boutique startups. Gary’s industry background includes software, IT, eCommerce, banking, public, semiconductor, engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing and environmental companies. His experience spans all levels including C-level executives, senior management, technical leadership, high-performance professionals as well as support staff and laborers.

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Program Notes:

  • This is a free AustinUP event.
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Date: September 10, 2020
Duration: 1 Day
Time: 2 - 3 p.m.
Location: Online (Zoom)