AustinUP’s New Board Member: Horacio Huerta

We are delighted to welcome Horacio Huerta, Agent Manager/Community Outreach with United Healthcare, to our Board of Directors. Horacio has been with United Healthcare for four years, starting in the El Paso market. In March 2020 he moved to the Austin area. In his role at United Healthcare, one of his primary objectives is educating the community about Medicare – individuals’ rights and benefits under the plan and best options.

In El Paso, he worked with various community organizations that served older adults, including the Retired Senior Volunteer Program from 2016-2020. He also developed the “Generational Connection” program at Ysleta Independent School District to help bridge the gap between generations.

Horacio says, “The ‘forgotten generation’ worked practically 40-50 years of their life to take care of us and now it’s our turn to take care of them. Unfortunately, our senior population is being increasingly affected by loneliness – especially due to COVID-19. Being part of volunteer organizations and with the support of United Healthcare gives me the opportunity to serve the underserved.”